Royalty free celtic/fantasy/medieval music pack

Royalty free music refers to a type of music licensing that allows the purchaser to pay for the music license only once and to use the music for as long as desired. Once purchased, music can be used in videos, ads, trailers, websites, games, events and other projects without paying any additional fees counted per usage (royalties) hence the name. What is particularily valuable, the royalty free fantasy music purchased on this page can be freely used in YouTube videos without seeing that unfamous "contains copyrighted content" warning. All tracks are available in 44100Hz, 16bit, stereo.
Tavern Dance
Lively Renaissance dance for establishing medieval mood in video games or videos (imagine village tavern on Peter Bruegel the Elder's painting).
Celtic Dance
Slow fantasy dance with Celtic melody. Good for fantasy RPG taverns, mage guilds, enchanted forests
Fairy Dance
Lively fairy dance played with harps, flutes and percussion. Perfect fit for renaissance fair dance events, medieval and fantasy-themed video games films. Imagine village on Peter Bruegel the Elder's painting with a bit of magic here and there.
Medieval Dance
Medieval dance melody that perfectly fits historical, medieval, Celtic or fantasy footages and events, for example medieval castle footage, celtic village background music in video game, music for medieval themed party. Played on harp, recorder (flute), guitar and percussion.
Castle Dance
Medieval slow court dance, good for medieval themed videos and events. Played on lute, flute, guitar and percussion.
Breton Dance
Magical Celtic tune inspired by Breton kan ha diskan tradition, excellent for Celtic-themed projects. Played on harp, flute and accordion.
Village Dance
Jolly village mid-tempo dance played on tin whistle and accordion, good for countryside-themed videos and events.
Celtic Jig
Lively jig, good for Irish, Scottish and other Celtic themed videos and events. Played on harp and tin whistle, with an accompaniment of percussion (bodhran) and guitar.
Renaissance Galliard
Renaissance dance and music popular all over Europe in the 16th century. Good for all medieval and renaissance videos, events and other projects. Played on flute (recorder), bassoon, harp, with accompaniment of guitar and court drum.
Medieval Ceremony
Solemn medieval melody played on flute, harp, guitar and percussion. Good for medieval/Celtic/fantasy/fairy tale projects such as videos, events and videogames.
Celtic Ballad
Slow tempo relaxing Celtic/medieval music, played on harp, acoustic guitar and piano.
Celtic Air
Slow Clannad-inspired melody, played on whistle (flute), harp and piano. Good for Celtic/Irish/medieval/fantasy footage, videos and other projects.
Wild West Saloon
Wild West saloon melody played on fiddle, guitar, honky-tonk piano and banjo. Great for wild west/cowboy/saloon/frontier/western videos, events and other projects.
... and it's not all you will find more royalty free music in my pond5 library. I write music for stage big part of my life and have proven track of releases in iTunes and Google Play as "The Dartz" and " " (to be exact 18 titles as of now). Recently I started writing music for video games and films and my portfolio is steadily growing. I have solid knowledge in European music tradition (such as Celtic, medieval music modes), as well as in contemporary music and trends, excellent guitar playing skills, and all technical skills and tools necessary to produce music starting from composing to final mix. In short, I know how music is made. And although I am versatile in many genres (nothing special here: any decent modern composer is versatile), my primary style is light minimalistic acoustic music with a touch of celtic or fantasy mood. You'd better not hire me for Hanz Zimmer-type blockbuster score :) But if you look for minimalistic emotional soundtrack for you game or film, I am your man. In my arrangements, I pay closest attention to melody, and never rely solely on sample libraries but record every time something real, breathing and imperfect, making each project unique. Check any example in my reel to see what I mean. Contact me at if you need unique and high quality music for your video game or film or music for the band.
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